Positioning to define the future of

Emulsion Polymer Production

in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Industrial Basic Material Factory Co. (IBM) is a newly established privately owned chemical company,  soon to emerge as a front-runner manufacturer & supplier in emulsion polymer products

for a variety of industry sectors & applications in Saudi Arabia.

Industrial Application

Emulsion Polymers are essential & very crucial in the following sectors:

Paints & Coatings Industry

The list of requirements for paints and coatings is broad and complex. Strength, flexibility, adhesion, and water resistance are just a few of the most common performance requirements. Meeting these requirements requires formulating with sophisticated polymers optimized for the specific application.

Adhesive Industry

From shipping labels to construction adhesives, masking tape to removable films, adhesives are a fixture in everyday life. Formulating the polymers to an adhesive is often about finding the right combination of tack, peel and shear for a given application and substrate.

Carpet & Textile Industry

In carpets and textiles, emulsion polymers are used to improve functional and aesthetic properties. The main goal of using an emulsion polymer is to improve the performance characteristics of the textile. It's generally applied as part of the finishing operation and is typically intended to be permanent.

Paper & Packaging Industry

Carboxylated styrene-butadiene latex, styrene acrylic copolymers, acrylic polymer emulsions, and vinyl acetate containing emulsions are all used at various stages of papermaking and paper coating. These chemistry options are also used widely in the Packaging sector.

Specialty Emulsion Polymers

for a wide range of application