About Us

Industrial Basic Material Factory Co. (IBM) is a newly established privately owned chemical company, manufacturer & supplier of emulsion polymer products
for a variety of industry sectors & applications in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our corporate goal is to lead the polymer technologies for the coatings, adhesives and applicable industries. As a privately held company, we aim to leverage our dynamic abilities to ensure that our strong fundamental and customer-focused research programs yield the polymers that will take your products to the next level. This includes providing flexibility and dynamism that ensures our ability to deliver on product development to our customers, within their expected timeframe.

IBM shall create a worldwide network of subsidiaries, affiliates and other offices to ensure that our customer-focused attitude is maintained through the markets that we shall be serving.

Supported by our ecosystem, we are committed to build a trusted brand that drives demand for Saudi Arabian products.

Eng. Sultan Al Qahtani